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Ravens re-sign offensive tackle Jah Reid to one-year deal

The Ravens are bringing back Reid to the roster.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Ozzie Newsome said the Ravens were in talks to bring back someone from the 2014 roster. Well, here it is:

Reid was a third-round pick int he 2011 NFL draft out of Central Florida. He got seven starts during the 2012 season as a guard. He served as a backup tackle last year.

While Reid hasn't been more than a reserve for the most part, he does provide experienced depth to the position. By signing a one-year deal, it can be assumed the cost will be a minimum. Guarantees are also unlikely so if he gets beat out by a player at the position during training camp, it wouldn't cost the Ravens anything to cut him.

Though Reid hasn't proved himself yet, he'll get another chance.