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Ravens can begin offseason workouts on April 20

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The Ravens can start working out near the end of April.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL recently announced each team's offseason schedule. While teams with new coaches can get started now, teams such as the Ravens will have to wait just a bit.

The Ravens will be able to hold their first offseason workout on April 20. From there, OTAs will go from May 26-28, June 1-3 and June 8-11. The Ravens will then hold their mandatory minicamp from June 16-18. There will certainly be some veterans that skip out on activities up until the final one. That's arguably the most important offseason activity for players to attend.

This also means that football is nearing its return. In addition to offseason workouts on the horizon, the draft is quickly approaching too. The 2015 season will be here before we know it.