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It's time for Ed Reed to retire

Ed Reed's April Fools joke should've been a serious announcement.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Last Wednesday, Ed Reed appeared to announce on his personal twitter account that he was retiring. Then he announced that it was a joke. Which was unfortunate.

Those tweets have since been deleted.

It means that the countdown to Canton isn't starting for Ed Reed, or at least not anytime soon. It means that Ed Reed can't be entered into the Ring of Honor either.

This isn't going to damage Reed's legacy. He's still one of the NFL's all-time leaders in interceptions, leader in postseason interceptions, and holds the NFLs record for longest interception return. Not to mention that he forced Tom Brady and Peyton Manning to avoid throwing his way.

Ed says that if he can't get signed he'll be like Barry Sanders and just disappear. No disrespect to Ed, but Barry stopped because he put two and two together and realized that he was wasting time with a team that had a hard time making the playoffs, let alone a Super Bowl. Ed got cut by the Texans midseason and then performed poorly with the Jets to finish out the 2013 season. That was all two years ago, he hasn't played a snap this season.

It's time to hang it up Ed. There's more for you to gain from that.