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Ravens have '80 percent' chance of playing a London game in next four years

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The Ravens could be traveling across the pond soon.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL fans across the pond may get a chance to see the Ravens up close in the next four years.

Speaking on a conference call with PSL ticket owners on Wednesday, owner Steve Bisciotti put the chances of the Ravens playing a game in London in the next four years at 80 percent.

As you probably noticed, the Ravens will not sacrifice a home game to do so. They want the eight-game home-field advantage and that's that. Of course, there are some teams, namely the Buccaneers and Jaguars, that enjoy playing games in London and therefore could wind up being the home team in a game played at the historic Wembley Stadium.

And the Ravens do have an away game against the Jaguars already on the plate for the 2017 season. So stay tuned, because that could be the best chance the Ravens have as it pertains to playing an overseas game in the near future.

Perhaps that future game is where Bisciotti came up with his 80 percent figure.