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Steve Bisciotti 'praying' that Dennis Pitta returns to football this season

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If Dennis Pitta can't return to the Ravens, the importance of finding a tight end amplifies.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, Steve Bisciotti isn't the only one praying, wishing and hoping Dennis Pitta will be able to return to the playing field and resume his career.

His teammates, coaches, friends, family and fans want the same thing, for Pitta to get back to doing what he does best on the gridiron. But the problem is that Pitta's injury is problematic in that the exact same thing has happened twice. The risk could be too great for Pitta to jeopardize his health.

Therefore, the Ravens will look for a tight end. Now, they could look to the first round and grab Minnesota's Maxx Williams if available. Or they may — as Bisciotti suggests — wait until the third or fourth round to find one. Options include Penn State's Jesse James, Ohio State's Jeff Heuerman, Notre Dame's Ben Koyak and Florida State's Nick O'Leary, as well as others.

It does feel like a position that would be way too much to invest in with a first-round pick. And after all, Pitta himself was a fourth-rounder. Talent can be found at the tight end position in the middle rounds. The Ravens could be hoping the same applies in this draft class.