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Justin Forsett: I pray we continue to unite and stand together

Baltimore Ravens' journeyman Justin Forsertt is also a man of faith and prayer.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Amid the Baltimore chaos that is rocking the media like a paper canoe floating down whitewater rapids, Ravens running back Justin Forsett posted this blog entry for his fans and followers to induce peace.

Forsett wrote that the city is a special place for him "more than reasons than just football," and that it--the destruction, burning buildings, altercations between the kids and police officers, others getting injured--is hurting his heart. The back voiced his stance on what ensued after the Freddie Gray's funeral, who died of a severe spinal injury while in police custody on April 12, 2015.

There were people hurting and lashing out on Monday. For some of those people, they felt like they’ve been unheard for so long and things were boiling over, and they took those moments to show their frustration. And then there were some people who were acting out just because; acting out that had nothing to do with Freddie Gray or their frustration.

Forsett touched on the heart of Baltimore, how the pain and struggle the city's residents were not instilled overnight.

The hurt that people have been experiencing is not an overnight thing. This is something that has been happening for a while, and now it’s boiling over. And unfortunately, it’s not just a Baltimore thing either; it’s a nationwide thing. There are a lot of unheard voices out there and people seeking justice. I think that a change needs to be made and hopefully we can get it done the right way.

These words are the truth. Too often we see the media spin the wheel until the arrow lands on something favorable for their grand purpose. But who's to say someone is not entitled to see the bigger picture? Forsett recognize the perseverance of the people:

We’re seeing people come together to try and help rebuild some of what took place on Monday. You are seeing people come to the city and unite. It’s a tight-knit, hardworking city here in Baltimore, and the majority of the people here want to help, want to show love, want to be heard.

They say that idle hands are the devil's workshop and idle lips are his mouthpiece. Wickedness loves company. Let's join hands with Justin and pray for peace and against oppression.

For now. We will pray for now.