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Baltimore Ravens 7 round mock draft

Marvun releases his last 7 round mock draft

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Ravens Mock Draft

Round 1 # 26: Jalen Collins, CB, LSU. If the pick is here, I still like it. The guy has all the physical talent in the world. Having another press-man CB is what I believe will take our defense to the next level. Jimmy and Webb's statuses are both still uncertain. None of our other CB's are proven sarters. We have hopes and flashes but nothing is proven yet. Collins could become a proven starter for us.

Round 2 #58: Mario Edwards, DL, Florida State. This isn't a need pick, but I could definitely see us making this pick. He has great versatility and can probably line up many places along the front 7 in multiple fronts. Start the fires, we haven't drafted a WR yet.

Round 3 #10: Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State. Trade alert! We trade our 3rd rounder, our 4th rounder, and Detroit's 5th rounder to move up to NYG's #10 spot. I'm a big fan of Ajayi, but I think he's not worth the value in round 2 and not making it to us in round 3. In this scenario, we get a very good RB for the future.

Round 4 #23: Mark Glowinski, OG, West Virginia. Yanda and Osemele are both nearing the ends of their contracts. And while I hope they stay, I wouldn't be against taking another OG just in case. Glowinski is a solid pick in round 4 and could turn out to be a good starter.

Round 4 Comp #136: Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland. Yep, I just fell in the Stefon Diggs hole. I love this pick now. We need speed, which he provides. And he also is a 1st round talent that has fallen due to injury concerns. He also could return kicks. Good pick in the 4th.

Round 5 Comp #171: Rory Anderson, TE, South Carolina. Anderson is a more receiving oriented TE who would complement Crockett Gilmore well. Good value in the 5th as well.

Round 5 Comp #176: Anthony Chickillo, OLB/DE, Miami. We can't be expecting a refined pass-rusher in round 5, but overall it's a good pick. He has good size, he's stout in the run game, and he plays like a Raven.

Round 6 (via Dallas) #204: Zach Hodges, OLB, Harvard. Pass rusher who will likely need to be refined for a couple of years before making any major contributions in the league. That's not a bad proposition for us because we have Suggs, Doom, and Upshaw to hold down the reins for a little while longer.