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Ravens mock draft, Stefon Diggs breakdown

Marvun gives his seven-round Ravens mock draft, and thanks to Draft Breakdown, I analyze WR Stefon Diggs.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1 No. 26: Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State

I like the value of Strong here. Strong has great hands, good route running, good size, and he answered the bell with a 4.44 40 yard dash, so his speed should be good. He would be awesome a great grab at 26.

Round 2 No. 20: P.J. Williams, CB, Florida State (via trade)

First the trade. I can't imagine us keeping all of those picks. I traded the Ravens' second rounder plus Detroit's fourth-rounder to Philly for their No. 20 pick. In the process, we leapfrog multiple teams who could be in the market for a CB. Now to Williams. I think he is a worthwhile pick for the CB group. It really could use some reinforcements. He has the desired height, weight, and speed, and could turn out to be a great CB.

Round 3 No. 26: T.J. Yeldon, RB, Alabama

The Ravens could use a RB for the future and Yeldon would be a great pick. He's not the fastest, but he is a good power runner. He also catches pretty well and can pass protect good for a college RB. And we know Ozzie loves Bama.

Round 4 No. 11: Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB, Louisville (via trade)

OK, one more trade. The Ravens trade Detroit's fifth rounder and move up to Minnesota's spot at No. 11 in the 4th. I think this move was necessary because the pass-rusher supply is dwindling and I doubt Mauldin would make it to 26 in the fourth. He is a great pick at this spot. He has a great motor and would be a good OLB to groom behind Elvis Dumervil and Terrell Suggs.

Round 4 No. 37: Kevin White, CB, TCU

I believe this is also a good pick. White will likely be sliding because he doesn't have ideal size and his speed is questionable. What I see is a smooth CB with good ball skills who could be a good slot CB after Webb's time is done or if he or any other major CB gets injured (which is very possible).

Round 5 No. 35: Blake Bell, TE, Oklahoma

I'm a fan of Bell's. He has great size and athleticism to be a good pass-catching TE, and his run-blocking is very much improved. I think for the late 5th round, you couldn't do much better.

Round 5 No. 40: Derrick Lott, DT, Chattanooga

Lott has good size and he would be a good add for D-Line depth.

Round 6 No. 28: Ben Beckwith, OG, Mississippi State

It's just some extra O-line depth. 6th round picks are usually just depth, so nothing unexpected here.

Stefon Diggs breakdown

Diggs stands at 6-feet, 195 pounds. While not undersized on paper, his frame has about 15 pounds of muscle to be added. Given his health trouble, the added weight is almost mandatory.

The first thing to be appreciated about Diggs is his versatility. He can line up everywhere on the field and offers both kick and punt return ability. Here, he shows good vision and good elusiveness.

Diggs is also tough to tackle after the catch. He has the ability to avoid defenders with agility and the determination to even carry DBs for extra yardage, despite his rather slight frame.

As a route runner, Diggs is a work in progress. He displays explosiveness out of his breaks when he accelerates of his plant foot. However, most of his routes are rounded. On top of that, he has the tendency to take false steps. Here, he is lined up in the slot.

On this play he displays plus body control. In his career, Diggs has pulled of catches that make this one look routine. Along with the body control comes good sideline awareness and 10 inch hands.

Here's one of those aforementioned catches. Ridiggulous.


Diggs has the potential to be a special player. If he gains weight and strength getting off press coverage — which is also an issue, although not portrayed above - will become easier. He has the natural ability. The technical can be taught. Antonio Brown would be a good comparison, if his potential is fully accomplished. If not, a comparison would be Kendall Wright.