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The Ravens Still Need A Corner

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Even with Jimmy Smith's extension, cornerback is still an area of need for the Ravens.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Smith has signed a five year extension that will keep him in Baltimore for the foreseeable future, and certainly the prime of his career. Some may think that keeping Jimmy reduces the Ravens need for a cornerback in the draft. That's simply not true.

Even with Jimmy's extension the Ravens still have Lardarius Webb, who despite taking a paycut this off-season, is still entering his thirties and has a long list of injuries, and at this point is better as a slot corner. Asa Jackson, who has missed around half of his games for one reason or another and hasn't shown why he should stick around in the ones he's been in. Anthony Levine, who is best as a special teamer, and Rashaan Melvin, who showed promise, but struggled against Tom Brady and doesn't look like more than a good #3 corner at most at this time.

Not very good depth for a Ravens team that was decimated last season in the secondary and ultimately cost them a shot at the Super Bowl.

A young cornerback in the draft would improve the depth of the secondary, which is just as big of a boost for the secondary as Jimmy's extension was.

Also a young corner such as Marcus Peters ,Kevin Johnson, Byron Jones, P.J. Williams, or Jalen Collins could give the Baltimore Ravens a good pair of cornerbacks for a long time, something that will be good in a division full of good receivers.

Jimmy Smith's extension solves part of the cornerback problem, but it still needs to be addressed.