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Ravens Have Done A Good Job In 20 Years

Despite being among the NFLs youngest franchises, the Ravens have been one of the best franchises in the NFL.

Garrett Reid-USA TODAY Sports

Our favorite franchise is 20 years old!

Which means that:

A. It still isn't able to legally drink and

B. It's done a lot more in 20 years than some teams have done in much more than 20 years.

For starters the Ravens have won two Super Bowls, their first coming after only four years in existence. An impressive feat considering that some teams take decades to win only one, and even more so when you look at teams like the Cardinals who have existed for over 100 years without winning a single Super Bowl.

But it goes deeper than that. The Ravens are one of the top teams in the NFL in terms of postseason consistency. They've made it to the postseason 10 times since 1996. Considering that some franchises consider it a chore to make it to the postseason at all, making it to the playoffs 50 percent of the time is something to be proud of. Something to be even more proud of is a total postseason record of 14-7 and their .682 win percentage is good for best all-time in the NFL.

Part of the reason that the Ravens have been able to consistently stay at the top is due to a front office that many teams have modeled themselves after. Selecting the right player at the right price and knowing when to part with players is only part of the gameplan for the Ravens. Doing their homework on players in the draft and not chasing need is why Ravens fans will chant "In Ozzie we trust" when the time comes.

Because of that homework and the sheer amount of work put into every move, the Ravens have been able to select multiple Hall of Fame worthy players in 20 years. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Jonathan Ogden and maybe even Terrell Suggs when he gets finished.

Simple put, the Ravens have had more success than a majority of NFL teams and far more success over a shorter period of existence than almost all NFL teams.... And that's just part of the reason we love em!