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Shane Ray cited for weed possession

Oh no, there goes his stock!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It is being widely reported that Missouri defensive player Shane Ray has been cited for a misdemeanor pot possession during a traffic stop. This is going to be crushing news for a player just 3 days before the draft, especially one that was expected to be a top 10 pick in this draft.

Ray, a prospect that appears to have a bunch of talent and was expected that he would be chosen within the top 10 has been reported to have failed multiple drug tests during his time with Missouri as well as some injury concerns from teams. While only a misdemeanor, a drug charge could cause Ray's draft stock to plummet when combined with the previous reports.

I can't imagine that he would slip out of the first round completely and he could still be selected in the top 10 if teams think that this is not a huge deal and they can reign him in a bit. However, with the climate in the NFL around massive suspensions for players with repeated substance abuse offenses (looking at you Josh Gordon!), teams will have to be wary of a player that has everything to lose with the draft knocking on his door and still being busted for something so stupid.

Could Ray slip all the way to the Ravens' 26th overall pick? Would the Ravens select Ray given his clear lack of understanding of his position?