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John Harbaugh's Essay Covers The Importance Of Football For Youths

John Harbaugh's "Why Football Matters" is a great read for anyone who loves Football.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday Coach John Harbaugh wrote an essay titled Why Football Matters and posted it on

Here it is.

It's a very well written article that tells why football is an important piece of American life as well as a place for young men to grow and it tells how a coach can be like a father for a young man. It is a good message from the heart of a man who grew up with football on why it is still something to love even after all of the controversy in 2014 and with all of the player safety concerns of recent years.

It tells us that football went through changes to make the game safer in the past during Teddy Roosevelt's presidency, and it tells us that it will go through those changes today to make the game safer for all who play it.

It's a good read and I suggest that you check it out.