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Third-year wide receiver Marlon Brown to impact Ravens offense

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To productivity and beyond for Ravens Marlon Brown.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The difference between Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Marlon Brown is that ... if the latter said something as ultra-wild as this, I would take it seriously.

Coming off a bedrock and promising rookie campaign, the second-year wideout's production was boxed in, constricted under one-and-done offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. (Keep an eye out on which Broncos receiver's numbers will stagger in 2015.)

Brown is still considered a tyro but has a ceiling as high as the Taipei 101 building. His six-foot-five frame matches Lions' Calvin Johnson's, couple that with The Senior--Steve Smith--on the sidelines shouting in his ear all season, I am close to guaranteeing our readership: Brown is potentially a Pro Bowl candidate.

After Wednesday's workout at the Ravens voluntary offseason conditioning program, future starter, barring trades or injuries, Brown commented on his sophomore experience, one chock-full of learning.

"I was taking notes. I was taking notes because I knew that the time was going to come. And I felt like once that time comes, I better be ready. Last year I was trying to get ready and play.

Brown finished the year with just 24 receptions for 255 yards. No scores. Maybe. ... that's a blessing in disguise for the Ravens offense. I would say it's beneficial to stay off the radar ... completely. Whether or not Devin Funchess' asteroid lands in Baltimore, Coordinator Marc Trestman's keen knack for stretching the field using stalwart receivers while maintaining consistency in the rushing attack makes me believe that Brown will feast.