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Good Thing The Ravens Have Had Flacco

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It's been good for the Ravens that they found Flacco in 2008, because the pickings have been pretty slim at quarterback after him.

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If you've been living under a rock this past week then you wouldn't have gotten word that Tim Tebow was signed by the Eagles on Sunday. But you already knew that. What you might not have known is that now that Tebow is paired up with Bradford on the Eagles, both quarterbacks taken during the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft are on the same team and that neither of them are on the team that drafted them.

Which got me thinking about how lucky the Ravens were to find Joe Flacco at the 18th spot in the 2008 NFL Draft, because most drafts since then haven't had too many quality quarterbacks get drafted after the first overall pick (a spot where even the most terrible of Ravens teams have avoided)

Let's take a look at the notables from after the first round of 2008:

2008, Round 2, Pick 57: Chad Henne

Henne was mediocre and injury-prone for the Dolphins, which led to him going to Jacksonville in 2012 after the Dolphins didn't bring him back. He has been a back-up for Blaine Gabbert and Blake Bortles during that time. The Dolphins never had a winning season with Henne.

2008, Round 5, Pick 156: Dennis Dixon

Dixon was the back-up for Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh, making his first start in Week 12 of the 2009 season against the Baltimore Ravens. He would get extended time as a starter in 2010 after Ben Roethlisberger was suspended four games for sexual assault. After 2011 he would bounce around multiple teams practice squads and training camps, including a brief stint on the Ravens practice squad during their Super Bowl run.

2008, Round 7, Pick 209: Matt Flynn

Flynn's most notable day was a meaningless Week 17 game where he had 480 yards and six touchdowns against the Detroit Lions, good for the best performance by a quarterback in Packers history. Yep you read that right, three Hall of Fame quarterbacks, and this one holds the record. He would use that performance to con Seattle and Oakland out of millions, despite only playing one game combined for both teams. Flynn would get cut by Oakland and make his way back to Green Bay, where he would play well enough to keep them in playoff contention until Aaron Rodgers got back in Week 17.

2009, Round 1, Pick 1: Matthew Stafford

Stafford is the all-time leader in passing statistics in Detroit Lions history. He has gotten the Lions to the playoffs twice and has been pretty good as a starter for most of his time as a Lion, however he has struggled with turnovers and the Lions have only had two winning seasons since 2009. Stafford also has never won a playoff game.

2009, Round 1, Pick 5: Mark Sanchez

Sanchez was never the franchise quarterback Jets fans envisioned him to be. He did however play game manager well enough to get the Jets to two AFC Championships in 2009 and 2010. However the next two seasons, especially 2012, his turnovers would doom the Jets. He spent all of 2013 on the Jets injured reserve, before signing with the Eagles in 2014. He would get called to action in Week 10 and he played well enough to keep the Eagles in playoff contention, until his turnovers doomed them in a Week 16 loss to the Redskins. Sanchez is 2-2 in playoff games.

2009, Round 1, Pick 17: Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman struggled with consistency as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, sandwiching a brilliant 2010 season where he threw 25 Touchdowns to 6 Interceptions in between awful 2009 and 2011 campaigns. He would also start out 2012 slowly before finishing strong. In 2013 he would get cut by Greg Schiano after struggling for three games, and would put up a miserable Week 7 performance against the Giants as a Viking. He missed all of 2014 after failing to beat out Curtis Painter for the Giants #3 quarterback job. He currently is signed to a one-year deal with the Dolphins to be the third stringer. His best record as a starter is 10-6 in 2010, in which the were third in the division and didn't make it to the playoffs. He is the best statistical quarterback in Buccaneers history.

2009, Round 6, Pick 209: Curtis Painter

Painter was most notably the starter for 12  games during the Indianapolis Colts dreadful 2011 season. He would get cut after the season and land on the Giants in 2013, where he would serve as Eli Mannings back-up.

2009, Undrafted: Brian Hoyer

Hoyer spent the early part of his career as Tom Brady's backup. In 2013 he led the Browns to three straight wins before tearing his ACL. In 2014 he led the Browns to a 6-3 record before collapsing midseason and getting pulled for Johnny Manziel. He was signed by the Texans this off-season.

2010, Round 1, Pick 1: Sam Bradford

Bradford struggled with injuries and consistency during his time as a Ram, despite all the investments thrown his way. As a starter the Rams never had a better record than 7-8-1. He was traded to the Eagles during the offseason.

2010, Round 1, Pick 25: Tim Tebow

Tebow backed up Kyle Orton in 2010 and the early part of 2011. After taking the starting job, Tebow took a struggling Broncos team to the playoffs at 8-8 and defeated the Steelers in overtime. He was traded to the Jets in 2012 to be used in Wildcat packages but was cut the following year as that never worked. He was signed by the Eagles this off-season.

2010, Round 2, Pick 48: Jimmy Clausen

Clausen was benched after five disastrous performances and his ineptitude helped the Panthers land Cam Newton the following year. He was demoted to third string as well. He is currently Jay Cutlers backup and came in for one game in 2014.

2010,Round 3, Pick 85: Colt McCoy

McCoy was drafted by the Browns with the intention of developing him behind Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme, but injuries to the two rushed him into the starting role, where he would struggle with injuries and interceptions. He became the third string quarterback in Washington and looked decent as the starter before going on injured reserve.

2010, Round 6, Pick 210: Joe Webb

Webb was a wide receiver drafted to play quarterback in certain offensive packages. He had some up and down games as a starter most notably an inept 2012 wild card game vs Green Bay. He is currently the third stringer in Carolina.

2011, Round 1, Pick 1: Cam Newton

Newton broke multiple rookie records and made it to the Pro Bowl in 2011,2012,and 2013. In 2013 he took the Panthers to 12-4 and got the #2 seed in the NFC. In 2014 he led a weak Panthers team to the NFC South title and a Wild Card win. Cam has been one of the few quality offensive players on an otherwise weak Panthers team.

2011, Round 1, Pick 8: Jake Locker

Locker struggled with injuries and inconsistent play during his four years as Titans quarterback. After spending most of 2014 on IR he announced his retirement.

2011, Round 1, Pick 10: Blaine Gabbert

Gabbert struggled with injuries and turnovers during his career as a Jaguar. In the 2014 off-season he was traded to the 49ers to backup Colin Kaepernick.

2011, Round 1, Pick 12: Christian Ponder

Ponder was mediocre for the Vikings, his career highlight was playing game manager in 2012 while Adrian Peterson took the Vikings to the playoffs. He is Derek Carrs backup in Oakland.

2011, Round 2, Pick 35: Andy Dalton

Dalton took a struggling Bengals team to the playoffs in his first year and has done so ever since. He's never won a playoff game though.

2011, Round 2, Pick 36: Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick backed up Alex Smith in 2011 and part of 2012, before a concussion to Alex Smith made him the starter. He took the 49ers to the Super Bowl with his read-option abilities and took them to the NFC Championship in his first year as a starter. In 2014 he struggled and the 49ers went 8-8.

2011, Round 5, Pick 152: T.J. Yates

Yates took over in late 2011 after Matt Schaub went down with injury and game managed the Texans to the playoffs. He was traded to the Falcons in the 2014 off-season to backup Matt Ryan.

2012, Round 1, Pick 1: Andrew Luck

Luck took the Colts from worst to playoffs as a rookie and since then he's won two AFC South titles and this year he made it to the AFC Championship. He's made it to the Pro Bowl all three years of his career and looks like he'll be one of the greats.

2012, Round 1, Pick 2: Robert Griffin

Griffin won the NFC East as a rookie and took the Redskins to the playoffs. He tore his ACL in the 2012 Wild Card game and has struggled to stay healthy and adapt to the NFL.

2012, Round 1, Pick 8: Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill hasn't taken the Dolphins to the playoffs but he has gotten better each season and he should be able to get a deal next season.

2012,Round 1, Pick 22: Brandon Weeden

Weeden was awful during his time as a Brown and was cut after 2014. He is currently the backup in Dallas.

2012, Round 3, Pick 75: Russell Wilson

Wilson has been an excellent quarterback for the Seahawks, as they made it to the playoffs and they've been to the Super Bowl back-to-back, winning one. He's due for a nice extension soon.

2012, Round 3, Pick 88: Nick Foles

Foles backed up Mike Vick in 2012. In 2013 he threw 27 Touchdowns and took the Eagles to the playoffs. In 2014 he struggled before getting injured and missing the season. He was traded to St. Louis this off-season.

2012, Round 4, Pick 102: Kirk Cousins

Cousins looked good in 2012, as Robert Griffins backup, sparking trade rumors. In 2013 and 2014, his inept performances killed those rumors.

2012,Round 6, Pick 185: Ryan Lindley

You might remember Lindley.His performance in the NFC Wild Card game was the worst in decades. Somehow he's still employed.

2012, Undrafted: Austin Davis

Davis came in and looked decent in a few games before falling apart. He alternated starts with Shaun Hill.

2012, Undrafted:Case Keenum

Keenum took over in 2013 after Matt Schaub got injured. He occasionally looked good but didn't win  any games. Keenum was called back after all of the other Texans quarterbacks got injured.

2013: Round 1, Pick 16: E.J. Manuel

Manuel struggled with injuries in 2013 and his poor play had him getting benched for Kyle Orton in 2014. He is now competing for the starting job.

2013: Round 2, Pick 39:Geno Smith

Smith struggled in his brief career , getting benched multiple times. This could be a big year for him to prove himself, especially if the Jets draft a QB.

2013: Round 3, Pick 73: Mike Glennon

Glennon took the starting job from Josh Freeman in 2013 and looked fairly solid in 2013. He regressed in 2014 but performed well enough during one of Tampas two wins.

If the Ravens didn't find Flacco in 2008, they likely would've been in a quarterback carousel with some of these guys.