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How hard is the Ravens schedule really?

Our friends at NumberFire hooked us up with the specific numbers to see exactly how easy or hard the Ravens' schedule is in 2015.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the schedules finally being released, we wanted to take a look at who really has it easier in 2015. Our buddies at NumberFire also thought it would be interesting and took the time to calculate all the metrics. What they found is really interesting based on current measurables. Of course, it could all change multiple times until kickoff in week one based on draft and injuries.

They found that the Ravens actually have an easier schedule than the league average. Baltimore will have a 3.65% easier time making the playoffs than a team with an average strength of schedule. Now of course, some of that can be attributed to seeing Cleveland twice a year as well as getting teams like Jacksonville and St. Louis.

In addition to those numbers, NumberFire saw that the Ravens have a 68.23% chance of making the playoffs, a 52.72% chance of winning the AFC North, and a 7.31% chance of winning the Super Bowl. I like those odds given that it is a 32 team league