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Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley had offseason wrist injury

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The second-year linebacker is on wrist-watch, and no, we don't mean Rolex.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The second-year Pro Bowl linebacker is on wrist-watch and no, he's not sporting on a flossy Rolex. According to league sources, the sophomore underwent offseason wrist surgery.

On top of a full recovery, he is expected to participate in offseason practices and workouts.

As a rookie, Mosley played with unprecedented intensity. (Maybe playing alongside guys nicknamed T-Sizzle and Doom had something to do with that ferociousness?) The linebacker's high motor landed him in second place on the Defensive Rookie of the Year ballot, behind St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Aaron McDonald. Moment of confession: I still have dreams that the computer malfunctioned and that there is a typo on the plaque. C.J. wins the DROY award before I wake up.

Mosley was impervious, registering 133 tackles; that total ranked him seventh overall in the League. Being the youngest on a list led by the 153 recorded by Luke Kuechly (who's only one year older), instills a hope that is probably making Dean Pees drool. Mosley's brute instinct and knack for the ball kept him flying around the field -- a whopping 1,080 snaps, most of any Ravens player last season.

Fans, keep an eye on his wrist this offseason. If you're attending training camp later this summer, which the Ravens brass encourages you to do, watch if Mosley grabs his wrist after a play during practice. If you or a friend notices, report it to the athletic trainers immediately.

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