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Ravens working on Marshal Yanda extension, want to extend Justin Tucker, Jimmy Smith

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Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti wants to get deals done with Jimmy Smith, Marshal Yanda and Justin Tucker.

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Good things come in threes.

Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti says he is focused on extending contracts for three players currently entering their final years of their contracts, and that talks on these extensions are active.

The trio: kicker Justin Tucker, guard Marshal Yanda and cornerback Jimmy Smith, are integral pieces of the organization's success, a puzzle that is broken and pieced together year-round by the Ravens brass.
We’re still looking at ways to free up [salary-cap space]. We still have offers … we’d like to extend Marshal Yanda, we’d like to extend Jimmy Smith, Justin Tucker. In all those instances, we have an opportunity to create more cap space than we have now.
Ironing these sheets would blanket our peace of minds before the commencement of the 2015 season, and most importantly, free up money to spend on the team’s top five needs, which, according to Bisciotti, are stapled at coaxing a cornerback, safety, tight end, wide receiver and pass rusher.

Yanda, the 30-year-old mauling machine, had previously worked out a reported five-year, $32 million contract extension in 2011, and since then added four consecutive Pro Bowls to his résumé. In a league where offensive linemen never receive as much credit they deserve, Yanda and his cohorts have made it all happen to keep Flacco's jersey a quick wash (19 sacks allowed), and blessed running back Justin Forsett with a career-high 1,266 rushing yards and eight touchdowns. Forsett's personal record prior to last season was less than half in 2009 (619 total rushing yards), with the Seahawks.

And of the three, it looks like the Ravens are actively working out an extension with the mauler.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Steve Bisciotti says the <a href="">#Ravens</a> are currently working with OG Marshal Yanda on a contract extension.</p>&mdash; Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) <a href="">April 1, 2015</a></blockquote>
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If offensive coordinator Marc Trestman stays true to his word and builds on the stable system Gary Kubiak left behind, we would hope that Yanda selflessly (which won't  be too hard), goes all-in for the team's benefit.

As for Tucker and Smith - well - we know that the most accurate kicker in NFL history among those with at least 100 attempts is irreplaceable, and the young cornerback who stuck on Michael Crabtree (like white on rice), to help vault the franchise's second Super Bowl, was sidelined all season after Week 8 (foot).

The 2012 first-round draft pick, 27th overall, respectfully deserves another chance.