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Ravens take two offensive players in latest SB Nation mock draft

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SB Nation's Dan Kadar has the Ravens picking Breshad Perriman and Maxx Williams in the first two rounds.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's Dan Kadar, much like a lot of mock drafters, have been big on the Ravens taking a receiver in the first round.

For the past month or so, Kadar has had the Ravens taking Ohio State's Devin Smith in the first round, mainly due to how he'd fit in the offense. However, in his mock draft this week, he has the Ravens taking a different receiver with the 26th overall pick.

That would be quick-rising reeciver Breshad Perriman out of Central Florida. Perriman has climbed the draft charts with a lot of folks are beginning to buy in to what he has to offer at the next level. Here's what Kadar had to say about Perriman:

"I am the last person on Earth to include Perriman in the first round of a mock draft. At this point, it seems apparent that he'll get overdrafted. The Ravens need to add a wide receiver high in the draft this year because of the departure of Torrey Smith and veteran Steve Smith's age."

Here's the thing about the Ravens — they're not going to draft a player at a position due to need alone. If they truly believe a receiver is the best player available they'll go for it. But they won't enter a round with the mindset of picking a particular position.

Personally, I don't think the Ravens take Perriman at all. He hasn't been linked to them heavily and there is considerable debate as to whether he's actually a first-round receiver or not. It just doesn't add up to the type of selection general manager Ozzie Newsome would make at pick 26.

In the second round, however, Kadar has the Ravens taking a player that I think many, many, many people would be pleased with. He has Minnesota tight end Maxx Williams falling all the way down to pick 58, with the Ravens scooping him up. Williams was once viewed as a late first-round tight end, so if the Ravens could get him near the end of the second, it could be considered a steal.

Here's what Kadar had to say about Williams:

"At this point, Williams is far too good of a player to pass on at No. 58. Dennis Pitta's health has become a real issue and Crockett Gillmore doesn't have Williams' skill as a pass catcher."

If Williams is around here, the Ravens may have no choice but to take him. The value is too much for a guy that could step in and provide a pass-catching presence almost immediately. And Kadar is right, the outlook for Pitta does not look good. Insurance at the position in the form of a guy that has the potential to be a well-rounded tight end for years to come will be hard to pass on.

I think Kadar nailed the Ravens' second-round pick based on how he has his draft shaking out. As for the first-rounder, the Ravens very well could take a receiver. I just find it highly unlikely the Ravens have Perriman, or Ohio State's Smith, rated that high on their board.