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Ravens will remember Troy Polamalu but not miss him

Troy Polamalu has made an impact in the Ravens-Steelers rivalry that the Ravens aren't going to miss.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry in advance for bringing back bad memories.

The Steelers are continuing an offseason of defensive transition with Troy Polamalu announcing his retirement last Thursday.

And while his impact is going to be remembered and missed by the Steelers, it won't be missed in Baltimore.

We won't miss his pick-six in the 2008 AFC Championship that ruined a potential comeback with five minutes left and the Ravens only needed to get three points to tie the lead.

We won't miss that when the Ravens had a three point lead late in the fourth quarter, he forced and recovered a fumble  which led to a Steelers touchdown in a crucial division match-up in 2010,  that cost the Ravens the division and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Troy Polamalu's retirement is another stalwart from the Ravens-Steelers rivalry that is gone and one less headache for the Ravens.