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Steve Bisciotti talks about possibility of Haloti Ngata returning, tampering questions arise

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Bisciotti possibly, and inadvertently, may have broken an NFL tampering rule.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti is beloved by the Baltimore fan base for many reasons. Among those are that he consistently produces a winner, he has a fun-loving persona and he's willing to be honest about his team in public appearances.

The latter may have gotten him into some trouble.

During a conference call with PSL ticket holders on Wednesday, Bisciotti was asked about Haloti Ngata and his trade to the Lions. Bisciotti confirmed the Ravens offered Ngata a pay cut but that Ngata wouldn't take it. Then he was asked about the chance that Ngata returns to the Ravens when he's a free agent in 2016.

Well, here's the problem: Ngata's under contract with the Lions and speaking publicly about a player under contract elsewhere is considered a tampering violation.

Consider this an honest mistake, though. Bisciotti certainly wasn't lobbying for Ngata to come back to the Ravens after this season. However, he spoke about it, which he isn't supposed to do.

That said, this more than likely will wind up being nothing. If the NFL goes after the Ravens, it will have to explain why it ignored all the other potential violations around the league before free agency began. It's doubtful the Lions go out of their way to file a claim against the Ravens given the strong relationship Bisciotti and those in the organization have with Lions coach Jim Caldwell. And after all, the Lions decided not to go after the Dolphins when a potential tampering charge existed with Ndamukong Suh.

Personally, I think it's great Bisciotti was open and honest on Wednesday's conference call. I hope he continues to go that way, even after his minor slip.