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Would you trade Haloti Ngata to the Eagles?

Former Duck unites with the NFL's Duck farm system.

Joe Robbins-USA TODAY Sports

As the Washington DC area undergoes a pretty awesome blizzard, thus denying me the ability to get any real work done, I thought I'd churn on an idea that had started out as a fun hypothetical but might actually be a not-so-crazy maneuver upon further reflection.

We all saw that Chip Kelly isn't afraid to shake things up. Trade the most popular player on your team in Philadelphia? Done, without even a second thought.

With the trade of LeSean McCoy to the Bills and some other cuts, the Eagles have amassed a staggering amount of cap space. They can quite literally sign Ndamakong Suh today for $16 million a year and have money left over  to burn.

So that got me thinking about another former Duck, who plays a little like Suh, who costs a good amount of money right now.  I'm talking of course about Haloti Ngata.

Not as crazy as it seems

Now, do I think such a move is likely? No, I think the Eagles are done with internet-destroying trades for now.  But it begs the question: could it happen and what would it look like?

The answer to the first question is yes:  it could happen and it wouldn't even be that crazy.  It certainly makes sense for the Ravens.

Would you rather release Ngata to save $8.5 million (which we WILL do if an extension is not reached) or trade him to the NFC where he can't bother us very often and potentially recoup something of value?  Of course it means we've probably given up on extension.

Moving Ngata ensures he doesn't wind up on the Colts, Bengals, or some other team that could bite us in the ass in the AFC. No one wants to see that.

It also give us the ability to choose what we get. Picks, players, you name it.  Ngata is probably a tier below Suh at this point just because of age but will cost far, far less. He makes sense for a lot of teams that don't want to play in the Suh sweepstakes.

Who from the Eagles would you want?

Of course any trade for Ngata makes the most sense if it is for draft picks. It's what the Ravens would covet more, certainly. So let's examine the more interesting option, too.

What about players?  Who on the Eagles would be of sufficient value to us BUT ALSO make sense for the Eagles to part with?  It's not like they'll part with just anyone. These trades are supposed to be win/win after all.

Jeremy Maclin is a pending FA so they can't trade him, even though he's probably the most sensible asset.  He'll just hit the market.  Jordan Matthews has some nice upside and is cost controlled.  The Eagles have some fantastic offensive lineman but it's not an area of need for us per se. They already traded their most tradeable asset in McCoy barring Nick Foles (who we also don't need).

I put it to the community:  in a crazy bizarro world where the Ravens and Eagles trade for Haloti Ngata, what would you want in return?

Think about it closely.  Think about the salary of the players involved, age, upside and all of that.  If you want to do a trade for picks, think about the value of those picks and what year you would want them.

Let's hear what you got in the comments and make your best case.  Nothing is too crazy and everything is on the table. If you can dream it, Chip Kelly can do it.

(p.s. I'm still hoping for an extension so just roll with the exercise)