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Cary Williams would be a welcomed addition to the Ravens

The Ravens could use Williams back on their roster after what they endured at the cornerback position in 2014.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Going back a couple of years, there were some moments Ravens fans showed frustration toward cornerback Cary Williams. He drew a ton of criticism in a 31-30 win over the Patriots in 2012, as Tom Brady picked on him all night in the passing game. But in hindsight, when you look back at Williams' time in Baltimore, there was a lot more good than bad.

Now, he's a free agent again. It would be in the Ravens' interest to bring him back, especially now that he won't command the kind of salary he did the last time he was on the market.

Baltimore's corner situation was dismal depth-wise a season ago. Jimmy Smith, Lardarius Webb and Asa Jackson all dealt with injuries that forced them to miss games. So why not add someone who has plenty of familiarity with what the Ravens do on defense?

Williams is an outside corner with the size at 6-foot-2 to press and get physical with bigger receivers. I can remember one instance during the 2011 preseason when former Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano gushed over the idea of having Williams and Smith as his outside corners of the future. (Of course, he went on to be the head coach of the Colts so that never materialized.)

If Williams were to be brought back to Baltimore, you're looking at a lineup of Smith and Williams on the outside with Webb inside at nickel. That's a significant upgrade for Baltimore's top three corners.

If the Ravens bring back Williams, they should still look at a young corner in the draft. But Williams would be an easy move to make and one that could have a considerable impact on this defense in 2015.