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Ravens adjusted salary cap number for 2015 is over $145 million

The NFL salary cap for 2015 is $143.28 million The Ravens get a little extra based on the amount rolling over from 2014.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens will have a 2015 salary cap figure slightly above the $143.28 million the NFL announced for the upcoming season.

Since the collective bargaining agreement allows for teams to roll over unused cap space from a previous season, the Ravens adjusted cap figure for 2015 will be $145,131,127. This comes from over $5.7 million in unused cap space but takes into account an over $3.9 million deduction from that number due to incentives and bonuses various players hit.

The NFL's cap for the 2015 season rose over $10 million from last season.

Via The Baltimore Sun, the Ravens have $4.604 million in cap space at this time under the adjusted cap figure. Therefore, getting this news of the salary cap increasing certainly helps the franchise from where they'd otherwise be. Now it's imperative for the Ravens work on bringing down the salary cap figures for defensive tackle Haloti Ngata and cornerback Lardarius Webb. Ngata is set to carry a $16 million figure and Webb a $12 million one.

If those numbers can get reduced, then the Ravens will have a better chance at addressing their needs for the upcoming season.