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Ravens safety Kendrick Lewis offers stability in secondary

Kendrick Lewis should be able to solidify things in the Ravens' secondary.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Kendrick Lewis just might be the missing link the Ravens secondary needed a year ago.

Rotating safeties in and out left a lot desired when it came to continuity. Lewis offers the ability for the Ravens to play him and safety Will Hill at the same time. The sub packages can then be simpler and allow Dean Pees and his staff to disguise coverages more without tipping offenses up with personnel changes.

Lewis believes he can be that contributor that makes a difference on defense.

"I see my ball skills as my strength. I see my knowledge, my preparation — week-in and week-out, day-in and day-out —on the opponents I'm going to face [as a strength]," Lewis said back at his introductory press conference. "I like to have the edge on those guys. I like to be a step ahead, so I take my film study [and] take my notes very serious. [The] classroom and on the field - like guys running plays, consecutive things like that - I take head of and it helps me in game-planning and studying film as the week progresses and as we prepare for opponents."