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SB Nation mock draft: Ravens take Devin Smith with 26th overall pick

In his most recent mock draft, SB Nation's Dan Kadar has the Ravens taking Ohio State receiver Devin Smith.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Since the beginning of the mock draft season, experts have had the Ravens taking a receiver or cornerback.

At least with SB Nations Dan Kadar, that hasn't changed. In his most recent mock, Kadar has the Ravens taking Ohio State receiver Devin Smith with the 26th overall pick.

Here's why:

"Smith is going to be a perfect fit on a team that likes to run a lot of deep posts and go routes. He excels in the long passing game because of his speed and ability to run past defensive backs. Teams often had to keep a safety over the top to account for Smith's ability to make a play on the deep ball. Smith's ability can get undersold because Ohio State ran the ball a lot and mostly used him on long passes. Didn't face a lot of press coverage because teams respected his speed, so Smith will have to learn some technical things in that area of the game. Tracks the ball really well. Locates the ball on over the shoulder throws. Displays good body control to go up and make difficult catches. Will need to get better when working over the middle of the field."

Smith would be an ideal replacement for Torrey Smith on offense. But will the Ravens actually take a receiver in the first round?

Well, if he's the best available player, then yes. We'll see if that happens this draft season.