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Join Baltimore Beatdown's NCAA tournament pool

Fill out a bracket and compete among the Baltimore Beatdown community.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Even folks that aren't interested in college basketball fill out a bracket. It's a March ritual, where everyone can come together and fill out a bracket for bragging rights or money — whether you're a college basketball aficionado or someone that picks due to particular school's colors.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The first four days of the NCAA tournament rival almost any sporting event in this country. Only the Super Bowl itself offers more excitement and that's just a one-day event for one day. It's inevitable that nothing will be accomplished in the workplace during the opening two days of the NCAA tournament.

In honor of this great event, I invite you to join Baltimore Beatdown's March Madness group at SB Nation's Real Time Brackets. You can click here to join the group and fill out a bracket.

Good luck!