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Draft Prospects: Jay Ajayi - Running Back

One of the most interesting talents in this drat, Jay Ajayi could be a second or perhaps a third round option for the Ravens.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Playing at Boise State has probably hurt Ajayi's exposure. He could offer tremendous value in the second round as he offers the coveted three down back skill-set. At 6'0' 221 lbs, He is a big back who has small back qualities.

The good

- Outstanding flexibility, notably in ankles and legs. Can wist and bend to avoid defenders and navigate through trash.

- Great balance. Without losing significant speed, can reaccelerate after getting knocked off course.

- Feet are always under him. Gives him ability to string multiple moves together, as a bigger back.

- Run with a wide base, reminiscent of Marshawn Lynch's style.

- Explosive though the whole. Tremendous open field vision

- Effective out of the backfield, big play threat after the catch.

The bad

- Heavily relied on at Boise State. 398 touches in past season.

- Ball carrying issues.

- Often looks to bounce plays outside.

- Can be indecisive when approaching the line of scrimmage.

- Pass blocking technique needs work.


Ajayi could offer the best value out of any running back in the draft. He doesn't have the size issues of Duke Johnson or Ameer Abdullah and does not have the instinctual issues of Tevin Coleman. His ball carrying issues will keep him out of the first round but looking at his long term projection, he could become the most productive of the second round backs, due to his size and his three down skill-set, which should translate into immediate productivity.