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Was trading Haloti Ngata the right move for the Ravens?

Vote on whether you agree or disagree with this move.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens needed to do something about Haloti Ngata's $16 million cap figure. With Ngata unwilling to renegotiate a deal to the Ravens liking, the organization sent him, along with a seventh-round draft pick, to the Lions for a fourth- and fifth-rounder.

The Ravens are still on the hook for $7.5 million but freed up $8.5 million in cap space with the trade. So the objective of freeing up space was met. They just won't have Ngata in the middle anymore, who, up until his suspension for Adderall use, was playing some of the best football in recent seasons.

Ngata's departure opens the door up for Timmy Jernigan to see a bigger role on the defensive line. If Brent Urban and Kapron Lewis-Moore can stay healthy, they'll likely get some run in the rotation too. DeAngelo Tyson has to be OK with this move since he was looking like the odd man out of this group (though he still could be if the Ravens draft or bring in another defensive lineman).

So what do you think? Was trading Ngata the right thing to do at this time for the Ravens?

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