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Report: Terrell Suggs restructures contract, frees up over $2 million in cap space

Suggs won't lose a dime in the restructure.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

For the short term, the Ravens are catching a bit of a cap break.

According to The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson, the Ravens have restructured outside linebacker Terrell Suggs' contract. His $4 million base salary is turning into a $1 million base, with the remaining $3 million spread out as a signing bonus. This will create $2.25 million in cap space and Suggs won't lose any money as a result.

This move appears to be a direct result of negotiations that haven't gone far with defensive tackle Haloti Ngata. The Ravens are trying to address Ngata's $16 million cap figure for 2015 but have appeared to be trying to get him to take a pay cut. Nothing has happened, and therefore Ngata is more than likely to enter the new league year at his current contract.

The Ravens are sure to continue negotiating with Ngata with hopes of getting a new deal done.

For 2015, Suggs' cap figure will go from $6.2 million down to $3.95 million.