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Evaluating each NFL team's quarterback situation

Simply put, how stable is each team under center?

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In Good Hands

Simply put, these teams are where they are because of their passers. They're content to have them even in the bad times, and these teams would be much worse off without them.

Atlanta Falcons

Sure, they haven't done so well, but it's not like Matt Ryan can draft, play corner, or rush the passer.

Baltimore Ravens

January Joe. Nuff said.

Carolina Panthers

Sure, they haven't been the winningest team in the NFL. But Cam Newton has taken them to back-to-back NFC South titles, and he's one of the few quality offensive skill position players on their team, along with Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin. Heck, he's probably the best rushing attack the team has too.

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo gets the stigma of being a choker plenty. But the fact of the matter couldn't be less true as he's had the best passer rating in the fourth quarter since 2006 and has broken Roger Staubach's franchise record for most fourth quarter comebacks with 27 of his own. The one concern with Romo is how long his back holds up. And his contract that has to get restructured annually.

Green Bay Packers

It's actually unfair how this team goes from one Hall of Fame passer to another really.

Indianapolis Colts

In a couple of years, when Andrew Luck becomes the best QB in the NFL, read the above line.

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees won the Super Bowl for the Saints and the franchise's peak years have pretty much been a result of him being around. Now the Saints have to try and field a winning team while his window is still open.

New England Patriots

Tom Brady had a bounce-back season and he just won the Super Bowl for the fourth time. It's safe to say that the Patriots are secure with Brady, who isn't showing signs of slowing down.

New York Giants

Despite the Giants going 6-10, Eli Manning had the best statistical season of his career. Getting Victor Cruz back alongside Odell Beckham Jr. and some more guys on the defense could make the Giants contenders again.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger has broken most, if not all of Terry Bradshaw's records. Steelers fans just hope that he can retire with as many wins as Bradshaw.

San Diego Chargers

Considering that the team had injuries at offensive line and with their pass catchers, a mediocre defense, and the league's worst running game, it's safe to say that a revitalized Philip Rivers is most likely the reason for his teams' success.

Seattle Seahawks

Sure, his pick lost the Seahawks the Super Bowl. But give him an offensive line and Russell Wilson is a top QB. Also the Seahawks don't even make it here with T-Jax or Flynn the Bandit.


Could these teams find someone better? Sure. Could they also find someone much worse? Sure.

Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer is the best quarterback on the Cardinals roster. He is also 35 and suffered his second ACL tear.

Chicago Bears

Is Jay Cutler elite? No. Is he the best statistical passer in Bears history? Yes. Is it his fault the Bears are mediocre? That's up to you. Was making him the richest QB in NFL history considering his lack of achievement dumb? Probably.

Cincinnati Bengals

Sure, Andy Dalton chokes in prime time and in the playoffs. But he's better than some of the Three Headed Monsters some other teams have at QB.

Detroit Lions

Stafford makes some really, really dumb decisions with the ball sometimes. He's also the best statistical passer in Lions history.

Kansas City Chiefs

Alex Smith is never going to match his fellow AFC West passers in arm strength (he's maybe better than Peyton Manning) and is never going to generate a high flying stat machine. But he's the best option for Kansas City and it's not like they're any good at drafting quarterbacks.

Assessing the situation

These teams have a young QB, who isn't the sure thing and they don't know what they have in him yet.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Yes, Blake Bortles had his struggles this season. Maybe it might help him if the Jaguars got him an offensive line pronto.

Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill had the best season of any Dolphins quarterback since Dan Marino left and has gotten better every year. He's probably worth keeping in Miami.

Minnesota Vikings

Bridgewater showed some encouraging signs for the Vikings this season and could show more with an improved cast around him.

Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr had the best season of any rookie quarterback and looked pretty good for Oakland this season. If they got him a quality running game and some wide receivers that can actually start on another team, he might be golden.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles need to see two things from Nick Foles. 1) Can he play 16 games? 2) Which Nick Foles was the real Nick Foles?

Precarious situations

These teams might have a guy, but now they have questions surrounding him.

Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning still hasn't decided whether to come back in 2015 and if even if he does come back, there;s a chance he might be done.

San Francisco 49ers

A bad season, new coach, and a contract that gives the team the ability to cut you with little dead money is rarely a good combination for a QB.

Washington Redskins

RG3 is entering the final year of his contract (unless he gets the fifth year option) and unless he returns to his 2012 form, it's probably over for him in Washington as all of his season have featured poor performances from him, benchings, and injuries.

Up the proverbial creek

No questions here, these teams don't have a QB at all.

Buffalo Bills

E.J. Manuel got benched in favor of the now retired Kyle Orton and the Bills don't have a first round pick to draft a QB with.

Cleveland Browns

Hoyer is entering free agency, Johnny is in rehab, and Connor Shaw played poorly against Baltimore. To add to the turmoil, there's rumors of trading up for Marcus Mariota.

Houston Texans

The Texans had four QBs play this season and because of J.J. Watt being awesome and willing the team to 9 wins, the Texans are too low in the draft to get Winston or Mariota, but too high for guys like Connor Cook, Brett Hundley, or Bryce Petty.

New York Jets

Geno Smith looked good in the season finale. It's the other 15 games that are the problem.

St. Louis Rams

George Blanda played until he was 52. I think Kurt Warner's still got some game left in him.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Teams with quality QBs usually aren't picking first in the draft.

Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker is inconsistent, injury prone, and a free agent. Clipboard Jesus should stay on the bench. Mettenberger probably isn't the second coming of Tom Brady.