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Brandon Marshall and whether he could end up on the Ravens

That's the hot rumor/wish for Ravens fans at the moment.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Buzz is already abound on a certain wide receiver that would make quite the impact on this Ravens offense.

If the chance materialized, I think the Ravens would love to have current Bears receiver Brandon Marshall on their roster. He has all of the physical attributes you want in a bigger receiver. He may not necessarily be a speedy guy downfield that Torrey Smith is, but his frame, catch radius and jump ball ability are all ideal traits for the position.

He also understands what Marc Trestman wants to do on the offensive side of the ball. And even though he and Jay Cutler are friends ... c'mon. At this point, you just don't know what you're getting with Cutler.

Here's where things take an interesting twist. In this video, uploaded by Russell Street Report's Tony Lombardi, Brandon Marshall talks about interviewing Ravens coach John Harbaugh at the Super Bowl. Marshall asked Harbaugh if doing Inside The NFL each Tuesday would be OK. According to Marshall, Harbaugh said, "Oh, absolutely."

After that, though, Marshall made mention of how easy it is to criticize him for doing the Showtime program, especially with the horrendous season Chicago had. But then he mentioned how excited he is of the upcoming Bears season.

You'd have to think Marshall would prefer to stay in Chicago. He hasn't voiced displeasure with the organization. He signed a nice three-year contract worth $39.3 million, with $22.3 million guaranteed.

But the Bears coaching staff could choose to move on from Marshall. For what it's worth, ESPN's Michael C. Wright believes Marshall will be with the Bears next season, even though he stated it's up in the air as to what new coach John Fox may want with his receiving corps.

As of now, I think it's wishful thinking at best for Marshall to reunite with Trestman in Baltimore. First, Marshall has to be released. Second, the Ravens have to express interest in signing a 30-year-old receiver coming off his worst season since his rookie year. That said, Marshall still has plenty left in the tank and would benefit from having Flacco throwing him passes instead of Cutler.

Expectations should be tempered for the time being. Marshall is under contract with the Bears, and you'd have to think the Bears would try and trade Marshall first if they wanted to unload him. According to the Chicago Tribune, the cap savings would be $3.95 million in 2015, but would result in $5.625 million in dead money in 2016. The same story also indicates the Bears won't be strapped against the cap and therefore wouldn't need to make a drastic move like that to relieve space.

For the time being, it's tough to get on the Marshall to Baltimore bandwagon. However, things worked out great seemingly out of nowhere for the Ravens with Steve Smith a year ago. So while a lot needs to take place for it to happen, never say never.