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Super Bowl reaches historic heights...again

The Super Bowl was the most watched event on TV as usual.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In the summer of 2014 the NFL suspended Ray Rice for two games, a decision that was immediately panned for being too lenient. Then the infamous video came out and the NFL suspended him immediately, which was overturned later.

This case along with Ray McDonald, Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson gave the public the impression that Roger Goodell was acting as judge, jury and executioner and was terrible at managing the league's PR. The unpopular "No More" commercials didn't help much.

The came #Deflategate and more controversy about the Patriots cheating.

So some might think that the Super Bowl might not be as heavily watched after the PR disaster in 2014 that some called the worst season in the history of the NFL. And they were wrong.

The Super Bowl drew a record 114.5 million people, up from 112.1 million last year. This makes the 5th time in six years where the Super Bowl reached new heights for the most watched program on T.V.

I guess people love their football, regardless of what happens off the field.