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Ravens release receiver Jacoby Jones

The Ravens did what was expected and cut Jacoby Jones.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens announced they've released receiver Jacoby Jones on Wednesday.

This was an expected move considering the lack of production Jones gave the Ravens on offense a year ago. Jones will long be remembered in Baltimore for his Super Bowl heroics on special teams and for his touchdown catch that sent the AFC Divisional Round game against Denver into overtime.

"We don't win Super Bowl XLVII without Jacoby," Newsome ssaid in a statement. "You immediately think of the touchdown against Denver in the Divisional round and then the big plays in that Super Bowl - the long touchdown from Joe [Flacco] and the [108-yard] kickoff to open the second half. He also had a big punt return in that game. Jacoby was an outstanding Raven and a good teammate on and off the field.

"We think he can still play in the NFL, and releasing him now allows him a better opportunity to land with another team."