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Which 2013 Ravens draftee had the best 2014?

Brandon Williams, Ricky Wagner and Kyle Juszczyk all had breakout seasons in 2014. But which one of them was the best?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Williams

In 2013, Williams played in only seven games and started none of them. In 2014, he played in all 16 games and was a starter in 14 of them. He had 46 tackles in 2014 compared to only six in 2013. While his sacks dropped from one in 2013 to half a sack in 2014, he was still a force in the pass rush. He also forced two fumbles. His skill really stood out in the four games Haloti Ngata was suspended. In fact, Williams' stellar play makes the possibility of having to let Ngata walk easier for the Ravens front office.

Kyle Juszczyk

In 2013, Juszczyk wasn't a starter and the one offensive play he took part of was an incomplete pass thrown his way. Most of his playing time was as Jacoby Jones' lead blocker on special teams. In 2014, he was the starting fullback, and not only was he an effective blocker in the run game, he also had 19 receptions for 182 yards and a touchdown. He was rated as the fourth best fullback by PFF.

Rick Wagner

In 2013 Wagner played in three quarters of Week One after Michael Oher went down and also served as the sixth lineman in jumbo packages. In 2014 he started 15 games before getting injured against the Texans and was rated as the top right tackle by PFF.