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Gary Kubiak on Joe Flacco: 'Heck yes he's elite'

Kubiak said Flacco is the reason he has a head coaching job in Denver.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Kubiak spent the 2014 season up close with Joe Flacco. And in return, the now Denver head coach saw Flacco have a career year, throwing for personal-bests with 3,986 yards and 27 touchdowns.

At his NFL combine media availability on Wednesday, Kubiak was asked if he thinks Flacco is an elite quarterback. In his best Napoleon Dynamite impersonation, Kubiak said, "Heck yes he's elite."

Way too much talk goes into whether Flacco is elite or not. Therefore, the advanced stats folks in the blogosphere should come up with a new quarterback rating of sorts — an "elite rating." Because everyone knows a calculated mathematical formula is the answer to all of our questions and issues with the sport of football. Hurry up and crunch a number so we can settle the debate already! Geez. [/sarcasm]