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Ravens should take a look at receiver Kenny Britt in free agency

Kenny Britt is an underrated prospect the Ravens may think about in free agency.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The free-agent market this season is huge. The receiver class that will be looking at a lot of money is crazy as three of the most dominant receivers this season are hitting the market in Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas and Randall Cobb.

I assume all three hit a minimum of $9 million. Baltimore needs a receiver though there is absolutely no chance at seeing Dez Bryant throw up the X against Pittsburgh in a Ravens jersey.

So who sounds like a good idea? Possibly an under-the-radar receiver that could help Baltimore become another step closer to the big dance? I give you a possibility in Kenny Britt.

Britt is mostly known for the off-field baggage. He's had nine arrests since entering the NFL. That's a very bad mark for any player. But his on-field talent may just become something as he kept his rap sheet clean the past season.

Britt played for the St. Louis Rams this past season and Sam Bradford's injury hurt the offense before the season could get started. Shaun Hill and Austin Davis were the quarterbacks and failed. Britt still managed to put up 48 receptions for 748 yards and three touchdowns.

Instead, think of Joe Flacco ripping passes toward Britt. It would certainly help elevate Britt, who has never had the luxury of playing with a top-flight quarterback.

But what about Torrey Smith? I love 82. I love watching Smith hit the 9-route and Flacco bomb it downfield. But Smith isn't developing how I personally had hoped. Smith continues to not fight for the ball. His route-running still isn't superb. His separation relies on speed and great placement of the ball.

If the Ravens lose Smith and sign another receiver, they are most likely given a compensatory pick, ranging from a fourth-to-fifth round selection. This is why Britt sounds like an appealing player. Not only do the Ravens sign a receiver who could play to some great strengths to compliment Steve Smith Sr., but it would also give Ozzie Newsome a nice fourth round compensatory selection.

This is definitely something to mull over before the free agency period officially begins.