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Ravens should listen to Will Hill and sign Antrel Rolle during free agency

With Will Hill "Instagram recruiting" his former teammate, would Baltimore want the G-man?

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

With Will Hill posting his desire for Antrel Rolle to join the Ravens during free agency, fans have been wondering if this would be a good fit.

First off, as I checked out Hill's photo I became extremely excited. Just finished ESPN's The U Part 2 and my vacation in Miami has me blindsided with Hurricane fan bias. But as I thought more, is this the correct move? The former Cardinal and current Giant completed his previous five-year, $37.1 million contract. Back in April 2014, according to the New York Daily News, Rolle claimed he had four "great" seasons left.

If that's true, I'm not sure. But I know a two-time All-Pro with nine years of experience could help form the Baltimore secondary into something better than what it put out there against New England in the postseason. According to Sirius XM NFL Radio, Giants chairman John Mara would like to have Rolle back. Rolle is now 32, and won't be acquiring another huge payday. Being that there are only a few starting caliber safeties to hit the market this year, Rolle could command a bidding war.

Is Rolle what Baltimore needs? What do the Ravens need?

The Ravens need a play-making safety, with coverage skills to match the pass attack league it has become. The first move Baltimore needs is to sign the Instagram poster Will Hill himself. After that, does Rolle fill the need of another coverage safety? Rolle is a free safety through and through and is not a run stopping safety.

But Rolle is a play-making, drop-back player that knows how to play the deep safety position. This would allow Hill in the box and I believe Hill's versatility could help shuffle from an extra body stacking against the run to a two-deep safety play.

Hill is the wild card to this defense. This secondary needs a veteran leader. Jimmy Smith was becoming more vocal this season until the injury sidelined all playing time. Lardarius Webb is an experienced player with skills, but I don't see Webb as the one to lead the pack. Rolle is the leader for the entire Giants defense.

He is praised as a general taking his team to battle as the heart and soul of the Giants. And he doesn't seem completely unopposed to playing with another team.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="">@CathailChris</a> I give my all no matter where I am. Thx u</p>&mdash; Antrel Rolle (@antrelrolle26) <a href="">February 11, 2015</a></blockquote>
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Rolle had a down year in 2014-15 as his stats saw a decline. But just a previous season prior, Rolle acquired his second All-Pro honor. I believe that he could succeed as Baltimore's pass rush was the NFL's best, according to PFF. The Giants were 14th. The Ravens' run defense was also an NFL best compared to the Giants being 26th. He could easily thrive under these certain circumstances.

All things considered, Rolle on a decent contract could help the Ravens vie for another championship. This past postseason, The Ravens were two games out from another Lombardi. The secondary was the biggest issue, and imagining a healthy Jimmy Smith, Antrel Rolle, Will Hill, and Lardarius Webb sounds like a dream.

We sure will find out with free agency if the Ravens' front office and Hill are on the same page, unless the Giants sign him beforehand.