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Poll results: Ravens should honor Haloti Ngata's contract

Even with cap constraints for the 2015 season, the majority of the Baltimore Beatdown community believes the Ravens should honor Ngata's contract.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Haloti Ngata is set to play the 2015 season with a $16 million cap figure.

It's going to be a tough call for the Ravens, which will either have to restructure the deal or cut Ngata. It's unlikely for the Ravens to keep him at the current cap number.

However, when put to the Baltimore Beatdown community, it was interesting to see what the majority thought was. 48 percent of those that participated in the poll voted that the Ravens should honor the contract as/is.

27 percent voted that the Ravens should work on a restructure but cut Ngata if he objects. 18 percent said to work on a restructure but keep him regardless of what happens. And 7 percent said to cut Ngata outright and develop Timmy Jernigan, since he's the future on the defensive line.

My thoughts? Something probably gets done between both sides on this. The Ravens can re-work the deal and spread out the rest of the deal to the end. Ngatal doesn't seem like he wants to leave any time soon. The only risk Ngata runs by doing this is setting himself up to take less money in 2015 while leaving the rest on the table via being cut before he can play out any additional years added to his deal.

But the alternative? Leaving and finding a new team and new scheme to work in at age 31. It would be in Ngata's best interest to work with the Ravens on a restructured deal.