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2014 Ravens positional review: wide receiver

Our positional review continues with a look at the Ravens wide receivers.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Players: Steve Smith, Torrey Smith, Kamar Aiken, Michael Campanaro, Marlon Brown, Jacoby Jones. Jeremy Butler was on injured reserve.

Their Performance: It was much better than it was in 2013, where only Torrey Smith, Brown and Jones were useful targets for Joe Flacco. Steve Smith was a reliable weapon and big-play threat for Flacco, Torrey Smith led the league in pass interference touchdowns and was 11th in receiving touchdowns, and the trio of Aiken, Campanaro, and Brown were quality No. 3 receivers that could catch a pass when Flacco needed them to. Individually though, Brown and Jones regressed, as Jones dropped far too many passes and Brown did not catch a single touchdown this season. The wide receivers would combine to catch 198 passes for over 2400 yards and 21 Touchdowns.

What's Next: Re-sign Torrey Smith and Aiken. Release Jones with a post-June 1 designation. Draft a wide receiver to groom behind Steve Smith, which probably spells the end for Jeremy Butler, as the combo of Steve Smith, Torrey Smith, Kamar Aiken, Marlon Brown, Michael Campanaro and a draft pick gives the Ravens six receivers and I don't see them carrying seven given the state of the secondary.