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Justin Forsett 'looking for a commitment' when it comes to his next contract

Forsett, set to be a free agent, wants a team to invest in his long-term future.

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Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Running back Justin Forsett gave the Ravens the best season of his career, totaling 1,266 yards and eight touchdowns.

But if the Ravens want to bring him back for the 2015 season, it looks like they'll need to offer more security than a one- or two-year deal. Appearing on Sirius XM NFL radio on Thursday, Forsett said that while staying in Baltimore is ideal, getting a commitment from any franchise is more important.

"Yeah, definitely, I want to return back in Baltimore and play in this city but I'm really looking for a commitment," Forsett said. "Throughout my whole career, bouncing back and forth — I want a stable place, stable team. Wherever that comes, you know, I'm open for it. So, I'm just playing it by ear right now and of course, I'll listen to any offers out there right now."

That stance slightly differs from what he said the day after Baltimore lost to New England in the AFC Divisional Round, when Forsett said, "I’ve been in the 'friend zone' for most of my career. Hopefully we can get into a deeper commitment somewhere down the road and get some stability. But it is what it is, it’s in God’s hands, and I’m at peace with it."

Read into what Forsett said Thursday as you please. Commitment is clearly important to him based on his journeyman status. If the Ravens aren't willing to commit, perhaps another team will, since even at age 29 he doesn't have too much tread on his tires.

From the Ravens perspective, though, they have to break down how Forsett fits into their roster moving forward. Given his age, the change in offensive coordinator and the devaluing of running backs over the years, Forsett's standing is certainly up for discussion at this time.