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Baltimore Beatdown's Super Bowl XLIX prediction

It's Super Bowl Sunday. Who wins?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone has a prediction. Is it Seattle or is it New England?

On one hand, ever since Week 7, the Seahawks have been near impossible to beat. After starting the year 3-3, Seattle only lost one game — in Week 11 to the Chiefs — and have strengthened their top-level defense that started the season somewhat slow.

The Patriots are coming off the DeflateGate controversy, therefore making it interesting whether they were able to avoid the distractions when practicing. The last time the Patriots were in the Super Bowl, tight end Rob Gronkowski was way less than 100 percent. He's healthy and ready to go this week and could be the main difference in this game.

I'm going to go with the Patriots. I've gone back and forth all week. Logic says to go with Seattle. But for some reason, I just have a feeling New England gets it done.

Vegas has this game going either way. But this is as close to an underdog as New England has been since Super Bowl XXXVI. The Patriots have always seemed to thrive when in that role.

Prediction: Patriots 20, Seahawks 17