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Ravens 2014 postional evaluation: Quarterback

An evaluation of each position on the Ravens roster starting with quarterback.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Players: Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor

Performance: Joe Flacco went 344/544 for 3,986 yards, 27 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He had a 62.1 completion percentage, a QBR of 67.3, and a passer rating of 91.0. In the postseason, he went 46-74 for 551 yards, six touchdowns, two interceptions, a completion percentage of 62.2, a QBR of 85.8, and a passer rating of 100.7.

Tyrod Taylor only saw action at the end of a Week 6 blowout against the Buccaneers, where he handed the ball off a few times.

Compared to 2013: Flacco was much, much better in 2014 than he was in 2013, as he threw 10 fewer interceptions and threw eight more touchdowns. He also had his completion percentage jump from 59.0 percent to 62.1 percent. His QBR went from 46.7 to 67.3, and his passer rating went from 73.1 to 91.0.

Moving Forward: Flacco's improvement in 2015 would be helped by the Ravens re-signing Torrey Smith, as well as drafting a young wide receiver, tight end and running back, as well as the continuity at offensive line, as well as staying in the West Coast offense for another year.

Taylor is most likely gone in 2015, as he hasn't shown signs of being an NFL-capable back-up.