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New England Patriots cut former Ravens cornerback Rashaan Melvin

Al Bello/Getty Images

The New England Patriots cut cornerback Rashaan Melvin today, letting the former Raven go after just 8 games and 67 defensive snaps. Melvin served as the 3rd corner for the Patriots while rookie Justin Coleman was out with a hand injury.

The Patriots become the latest team to move on from Melvin, who at one point last season looked to be a young cornerback with promise. The Ravens let him go during a secondary shakeup in October after a string of bad performances, which led to his being benched and inactive for several games. Melvin's latest failure leads to the question of whether his late season success last year was the result of good coaching, or just a mirage similar to Marlon Brown's 2013 campaign, a young player playing over his head for a short period of time.

Melvin may still prove to be a decent NFL player, but it is not looking good at this point. He likely will get picked up by an NFL team at some point, as cornerback is a tough position and he provides special teams value too. Ravens fans had high hopes for him coming into this season, so the 26 year old's fall from grace has been quick and devastating. For his sake, I hope he can pick up the pieces of his career and build on his 2014 season to have a solid, successful NFL career.