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Baltimore Ravens should move on from quarterback Matt Schaub

After taking a beating and throwing yet another pick-six to help the Ravens lose their eighth game of the season, it might be time to move on from quarterback Matt Schaub.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After taking a beating and throwing yet another pick-six to help the Ravens lose their eighth game of the season, it might be time to move on from quarterback Matt Schaub.

We saw the same Schaub that we are seeing right now in training camp. Having asked head coach John Harbaugh about the numerous interceptions thrown in camp by Schaub, it was noted that he was trying some new things and getting chemistry with everyone. More importantly, he looked far better when the media wasn't present at practice.

I feel great about Matt Schaub as a backup quarterback. Matt is a heck of a backup quarterback, because he’s a good player, and we feel comfortable that Matt can win for us.

This is the counterpoint to Ravens franchise quarterback Joe Flacco, a player that might not have the stats on his side, but puts wins on the board. Matt Schaub has always been a quarterback that has had good seasons when you look at his stat sheet, throwing for just under 25,000 yards and 133 touchdowns to only 90 interceptions throughout his career. However, he has only seen the playoffs once, the 2012 NFL season where he would beat the Cincinnati Bengals, but fall to the New England Patriots by a wide margin.

That's not to say that the 34-year old backup quarterback isn't good. He really is and this tweet by Pro Football Focus underlines that fact.

The issue with Matt Schaub is that as his career has moved on, he is more known for tossing a game away than he is for winning one. The amount of pick-sixes get the headlines, but against the Dolphins on Sunday, not throwing the other interception would have won the Ravens the game as well.

So is it time for the Ravens to move on from Schaub and install Jimmy Clausen as their quarterback?

Most fans would balk at the idea given that Clausen's record is an astounding 1-11 as a starting quarterback. When Schaub looked injured against the Miami Dolphins, Twitter exploded with mixed reactions. Some fans were ready to see what anyone else had going on, while others feared what Clausen had done in the past. Admittedly, Clausen's stats are pretty awful throughout his career. He's thrown for 1,965 yards, but more importantly, only 5 touchdowns to 11 interceptions.

With the Ravens already sitting at 4-8, the playoffs are out of reach for this team, even in their wildest dreams. That really only gives the season a singular purpose, see what your other players have moving forward. With an expected veteran purge this offseason, the Ravens will need to know what younger and cheaper players can do in order to build the best roster at the lowest price. We all know that Matt Schaub isn't a long-term option, but Clausen could very well be at the quarterback position.

When asked if the team was thinking of making a switch at quarterback, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was less than adamant that Schaub would be his guy moving forward, even without injury.

There's always thoughts on everything. So we'll consider everything, but Matt's the quarterback and Jimmy's the backup quarterback.

If Matt Schaub were to start against the Seattle Seahawks and have a similar performance, it wouldn't be too shocking to see the Ravens and Harbaugh to pull him from the starting lineup and see what they might have in Clausen.