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Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins Final Score: Offense and Defense Snap Counts

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens dropped another game and kept themselves from their first three-game winning streak of the season by losing to the Miami Dolphins. A couple of interceptions, including a pick-six would be the main deciding factor as they supplied the Dolphins with all of their points.

In something new, we get the official snap counts for each player and can better analyze what the Ravens might have been doing that saw their defense have their best performance of the season, while the offense has had better days.

As we can see, the only players to play 100% of the snaps on defense were linebacker C.J. Mosley, cornerback Lardarius Webb, and cornerback Jimmy Smith. During the game, the Ravens substituted linebackers Albert McClellan and Zachary Orr for Daryl Smith on passing downs in an effort to remedy the issue covering tight ends all season long. Since Miami Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron would finish the game with a single reception for only four yards, it clearly worked.

The Ravens are doing a good job of slowly bringing defensive end Brent Urban back into the lineup as he only had six plays on defense, and only three on special teams. The defensive line got switched around quite a bit as even veteran Chris Canty would play 31 snaps or 65% of the game on defense.

On offense, the offensive line would play for just about the whole thing, outside of a few snaps for guard Kelechi Osemele for losing his shoe. Right tackle Ricky Wagner was replaced by De'Ondre Wesley for a couple of snaps as noted by his father.

For the most part, the starters on offense would see a majority of the game. The standouts were the wide receivers and running backs as the Ravens began to cycle them in as the game went on. Daniel Brown saw 19 snaps or just about a quarter of the game. He would finish with only a single catch for 17 yards, mainly due to a phantom pass interference call that stripped him of a big play that went for a touchdown. Jeremy Butler also played a fair number of snaps on offense, 59 out of 78 total, and was able to put up 43 yards on four receptions.

With the playoffs truly out of reach right now, expect to see some of the young players on the Ravens roster to get more snaps. The Ravens would be wise to use the rest of the season to get a good glimpse at who they have for 2016 and hopefully answer some lingering questions moving forward.