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Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins final score: Ravens fall 15-13 on Schaub pick-six

The thing that did the Ravens in the most? Their quarterback.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It was a truly ugly game, as most battles between two not-so-good teams are. In this game, the most valuable asset may have been the punter, as these two defenses forced many three-and-outs against some pretty incompetent offenses.

While the offenses may have been incompetent, it was really the referees in this game that fit the adjective. Shockingly, their biggest blunder of the game wasn't messing up the coin toss, which actually happened. In a shockingly unfair twist, the officiating crew took a long bomb touchdown to Daniel Brown off the books for the reason of an offensive pass interference infraction. Upon further review, the apparent penalty looked as if it never happened. To add insult to injury, a string of suspicious spots killed a Ravens' goal line drive. This week was simply just another chapter in the saga that is the NFL's awful officiating.

But what ultimately did the Ravens in was their quarterback, Matt Schaub. His play certainly revealed why he is a backup quarterback, and nothing more. Before throwing two picks in a row, both of which directly led to touchdowns, it was a defensive shutdown in which Schaub's conservative throws were doing nothing for his offense. When receivers were open, he missed them, and when they weren't open, he forced the ball into coverage. It also didn't help that Schaub was under duress all game, mostly thanks to James Hurst. This shoddy pass protection likely led to either a head or shoulder injury, ailments that let Schaub hobbling off the field a couple of times.

With the Ravens' quarterback situation in jeopardy once again due to Schaub's injuries, next week's opponent, the Seattle Seahawks, look even more daunting than before.