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Dreaming: Foreboding Similarities between Kick Six & 4th and 29?!

One can dream, can't one?! I'm just sayin'. There are a number of similarities between the 4th and 29 miracle and the Kick Six miracle. Enough to convince me that this play could be a turning point for the season! Optimists read on, realists might want to skip this one. Pessimists, please don't google my mailing address as a ticking package destination.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

At the time of the 4th and 29 monument of a sequence, the Ravens were on a massive win streak and were 8-2.  Even then, there remained a question of exactly how good the team could be.  After Ray Rice took that flat pass and ran directly into history, I started asserting to my friends that it was the defining moment for the season, a moment that the players pointed to using words like "destiny" and phrases like "we can overcome anything."

Well, Pick Six was crazily similar.

Afterwards, as you may know, Kendrick Lewis was hovering around Coach Harbaugh exclaiming, "We never stop!!  We never quit!!"

Sure, this year's team is not 9-2.  That year's team immediately went on a three game losing streak and won only once more in the regular season.  So, what if the mojo is opposite for this team that has been so close so many times, and they go on a tear?  Why not??

My cup of purple cool-aid runneth over.

Yet, indulge me:

Why wouldn't this play, which immediately electrified the NFL landscape, motivate this year's version of the Mighty Men to believe that they can finish games with a W?  Why couldn't they win out?! Why couldn't they creep into the playoffs?!

Hey, we're not Cleveland.  It could happen.

You heard it here first.