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The most Baltimore Ravens players on injured reserve in John Harbaugh's tenure

With Marlon Brown added to the IR, the number has now reached 20 players....

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Ravens injuries have piled up this season, with week 16 being the first week the Ravens have not placed a player on injured reserve. The Ravens have seen an unprecedented number of injuries this season, prompting many fans to openly question the abilities of the teams training staff. Last season there also was a high number of injuries, but they seemed to be concentrated in the secondary; this year the injuries have piled up all over the roster, although wide receiver has been hit particularly hard. Five of the 6 wide receivers on the opening game roster are now on the IR, with Kamar Aiken the last man standing.

Here is a list of the fallen Ravens:

This has lead to an uprecedented amount of roster moves for a Ravens front office searching for not yet discovered talent, and to this tweet:

Many of the injured players are among the top 10 players on the team, so the Ravens hope that QB Joe Flacco, OLB Terrell Suggs, and newly unretired WR Steve Smith Sr. , among others, make full recoveries and hit the ground running. The Ravens are counting on them, plus the influx of another talented rookie class to be the difference between this seasons 5 (or 6) win season and the playoffs next season.