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Steve Smith makes it official, he's returning

The good news, from the man himself!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

We all knew it wouldn't end like this. After months of speculation and reports from his agent, fellow Ravens, and some journalists and sportscasters, wide receiver Steve Smith has announced that he will come back and play for the Ravens in 2016.

Before the season, Smith announced that he would retire after 2015. When Steve Smith suffered a season-ending injury against the Chargers in Week Eight, it looked like a great career came to an end. But Coach Harbaugh believed that he would return for 2016. Smith's agent believed that Steve had a chance to return in 2016.

Now Steve has made it official. He's going to come back for one last shot at a Super Bowl before he hangs up the cleats on a Hall of Fame career. This is good for the Ravens too, as Steve is still around to provide veteran leadership to young receivers like Kamar Aiken, Jeremy Butler, Breshad Perriman, Darren Waller, and any young receivers the Ravens choose to bring in.

I don't think anyone believe that a competitor like Steve Smith was actually going to end his career on injured reserve. A lot of people expected Steve Smith to come back and now he's made it official.