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John Harbaugh shoots down Philadelphia Eagles rumors

Not like he was ever considering leaving....

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to match Chip Kelly's style of hurry-up play by firing head coach Chip Kelly with one game left in the season. As you can expect, there is a ton of speculation as to who the next Eagles coach will be. That speculation even included a beloved former Eagles coach, currently in Baltimore.

Earlier this morning KYW reporter Ed Benkin tweeted out that Eagles fans should keep an eye out for John Harbaugh, saying that he might be ready to leave and that he has connections to the Eagles since he was a special teams coach there before becoming head coach of the Ravens. John Harbaugh denied that it saying that it is "not even part of the conversation."

Benkin's tweet telling Eagles fans to keep an eye out for Harbaugh cannot be found, but he did tweet out an apology to Ravens fans.

The Ravens have made it to the playoffs six times during the John Harbaugh era and even though they're having a down season with all of the injuries that have plagued the team this season, they've kept fighting hard. The Ravens haven't said a word about firing John Harbaugh and there's no reason for them to. The Eagles will have to find another savior.